The SIS PTA (Parent Teacher Associate) works hard each year to support the goals and the purpose of the school. They work on school fundraisers, organize community social activities, volunteer at school, and provide a valuable channel of communication between parents and the school as well as a forum for discussion of important issues.

The PTA Executive Committee is elected at the beginning of each school year. It consists of a president, secretary, and treasurer. Open PTA meetings are normally held once a month and are organized by the executive committee.

The PTA executive committee can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Parent Teacher Association Guidelines

The Parent Teacher Association is considered to be a support group to the school, and not an “outside” group. As a support organization, its activities must be approved by the director. The Parent Teacher Association shall not be involved in the internal affairs of the school but will support the school in the following ways:

  • To serve as a liaison to encourage and facilitate positive communication through established channels between families and the school’s administration, staff, and school board.
  • To organize activities and special events to supplement the academic program and enhance to enhance school’s sense of community;
  • To be a vehicle for fundraising to help meet expenditures not covered by the school.

The PTA works closely with the director who is also a member of the PTA committee to further goals and to enrich the lives of SIS students and families.

More specifically, the PTA does:

  • Support the educational programs and the extracurricular activities of the school.
  • Positively encourage and support the faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Encourage parent involvement in their individual children’s lives, education, class, and school.
  • Coordinate programs and projects that are not directly related to academics, but will support or enrich the school. (For example, school uniform sales, hot lunch program, after school program, BBQ days, etc.)
  • Organize fundraising efforts to support some additional programs, equipment, and services not covered in the school budget.
  • Treat all parents equally recognizing diversity of culture and language.
  • Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to assist the school when necessary.

The PTA avoids:

  • Involvement in any way with school personnel issues, policy, policy-setting, behavioral or curriculum issues.
  • Discussing job performance or classroom practices of faculty, staff or personnel. Those areas are dealt with exclusively by the school administration.

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